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Functional class

Main goal of your coach, whose eagle eye is watching your every move, is to teach you to perform exercises correctly. Healthy motion life starts here - no matter where you'll go further - weight lifting gym, marathon, or home taking care of your children.

What to expect:

• increased balance, stability & strength,

• decreased risk of injury,

• undone negative effects caused of sitting at the desk, • faster recovery after traumas,

• increased levels of serotonin. This means happiness!

Yoga classes

No joke - you'll be surprised as we were many times. The teacher of yoga class will not only guide you through all the parts of your body, help balance emotions, breath out tensions, but also help you rise your wings and fly uplifted through the day.


Yoga practice combines:

• breathing techniques,

• repeated movements,

• body stretching,

• static postures - asanas,

• relaxation.

Boxing class

All of us have own reasons to come to boxing:

  • relieve stress and tensions,

  • regain confidence,

  • improve endurance,

  • calorie burn,

  • boost whole-body strength,

  • lower blood pressure.

Have you ever consider, that in boxing intelligence is equally important as speed and power?

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