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About us

A healthy and self-confident person is the main goal of the In Balance Technopolis sports studio.

Training is a means to achieve the goal. 

A classic of life - we sit irregularly, put our feet up, activate stronger muscles while moving, and leave the lazy ones hanging. And at some point it starts to hurt. 

And if you still have injuries. It seems to have healed. But do we really pay enough attention to recovery, consolidation?

The season of extreme sports - snowboarding, skiing - you need to plan a trip! The country, the hotel in the mountains, the company..

And the body? Are you ready?


Everything is possible - get stronger, wake up both internal and external muscles, feel good when moving, lifting, pushing, even correcting what was earned by sitting for hours at the desk.


In the In Balance Technopolis class, you will learn and learn how to perform exercises correctly, and you will patiently polish yourself like a jeweler's diamond until the irregular movement becomes correct not only in the gym, but also in every step.

Training takes place in small groups so that you can see each and every one of you individually. Groups - up to 10 people.

Proven, effective and personalized training programs.

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